« Make me a Champagne wine that is sufficiently smooth to accompany an entire meal and I will order 1,000 bottles instead of 100... »

Director of the La Samaritaine de Luxe restaurant to Victor Besserat in 1930

Founding of the House

The heritage of a
rich family history

Besserat de Bellefon, established in 1843 by Edmond Besserat, still embodies today the prestige so characteristic of the Champagne region.

Besserat de Bellefon was founded in Aÿ in 1843 by Edmond Besserat, who originally hailed from Hautvillers. Over the years he became recognised for his skill in crafting exceptional cuvées that he supplied to the greatest hotels, restaurants and wine merchants of the day. Following in Edmond’s footsteps, future generations continued the business. His grandsons, Victor and Edmond, became as passionate as their forebear about work well done

and a commitment to excellence and quality. With complementary talents (one was an outstanding technician, the other a highly accomplished taster) they worked together in complete harmony. They were committed to developing Besserat de Bellefon’s renown and prestige. In 1920 Edmond married Yvonne de Méric de Bellefon, daughter of a noble Champagne family, giving the House a family crest, and the Besserat de Bellefon legend was born.

Take off

The birth of a

The creation of Cuvée des Moines, a tribute to Haute Cuisine, was the birth of a true legend.

1930 was a historic turning point for Besserat de Bellefon, which was soon to become legendary. Victor Besserat took up the challenge laid down by the Director of a distinguished Parisian restaurant, the Samaritaine de Luxe, and crafted a delicate and lightly sparkling Champagne as a perfect accompaniment to an entire meal. This marked the birth of a range which is now

called the Cuvée des Moines in tribute to the Benedictine monks who first mastered the techniques of fermenting Champagne. This creamy flavoured Champagne, specifically designed for fine dining, was complemented by a rosé version in 1972 to the very great pleasure of all those who appreciate variety in food and wine pairing.


Innovation at the
service of quality

Over the years Besserat de Bellefon has applied its innovative spirit to creating exceptional wines in a constant quest for excellence and elegance.

For many years it has been a priority for Besserat de Bellefon to meet the requirements of its most experienced and demanding clients. It is this approach that led the House to broaden its range in 1999 with a Blanc de Blancs, exemplifying purity and delicacy through its use of Chardonnay grapes, followed in 2007 by its exceptionally

powerful 2006 Vintage Champagne. In 2009, the latest addition to the Cuvée des Moines family was revealed: Extra Brut, a supremely pure wine with a very low dosage of 3.5 g of sugar per litre. This wine is a true revelation, allowing the most astonishing matches of gourmet cuisine and wine.


The B de B

In the early years of the 21st century the B de B anniversary cuvée is a celebration of Besserat de Bellefon’s inimitable style and authentic nature.

For its 170th anniversary, Besserat de Bellefon has recreated the enchantment of its historic B de B cuvée. To do this the House has given free rein to Cellar Master Cédric Thiébault, who has chosen a magnificent selection of wines from the cellars in order to craft a blend which will intensify the Besserat style. With the Cuvée B de B, Cédric Thiébault

has endeavoured to express the very best that the House can offer and provide a new oenological experience for loyal enthusiasts of the Besserat style. With this reinterpretation of the traditionally-shaped 18th century bottle, the House reveals its aesthetic nature and reasserts the symbolism of Besserat de Bellefon’s heritage with the family crest.


An adacious year

For the perfect finishing touch to its range, Maison Besserat de Bellefon is delivering its two latest creations in 2016.

The Cuvée des Moines Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru, characterised by its power, tension and freshness, is made solely from Pinot Noir grapes grown in listed "Grand Cru" vineyards. A rich, elegant wine that adapts to many dishes with great naturalness.

The House has also created the Cuvée des Moines Sec to accompany aperitifs and late-evening gatherings. This Cuvée is distinguished by its sensual, enticing notes. Two very attractive creations that complement the Cuvée des Moines range perfectly, respecting the purest Besserat de Bellefon style.