the "maison"
besserat de bellefon

a history intimately linked to the French "art de vivre"

Born by the water on the countryside around “Aÿ“ in 1843, BB leaves its mark on Parisian hotspots, from “Le Louvre“ to “Orsay“ to “Le Palais de l’Elysée“. In vogue during the “Années Folles“, BB celebrates the fervor of “cabarets“ before concentrating on the freedom inspiration of the 1960s “Saint-Tropez“. To choose the elegance of life in the simplicity of its beauty means “being free“ by BB! In the insouciance of its nearly two centuries, loyal to its deep nature, BB starts a new chapter of its history with colours of the finesse of French effervescence. The BB magic, as the seed becomes fruit, releases its essence at the heart of the most unforgettable meeting, the one between history and the senses of he who receives it in his palate. You cannot teach or learn BB; you share BB, you tell BB, you live BB! To immerse yourself in BB’s universe means travelling through moods, places, meetings and seasons, to discover the timeless flavour of the BB fantasy which belongs to you. Listen to it and let it flow into your glass!

« Cellar master is a profession of passion and sensitivity.
The cellar master must continue the work accomplished since the house was founded in 1843, like a priesthood. »


cédric thiébault
cellar master



fondation of "maison" besserat in aÿ



a wedding and the "maison" becomes besserat de bellefon

(Edmond Besserat married
Yvonne Méric de Bellefon)



"la samaritaine de luxe" chooses besserat de bellefon as house champagne



besserat de bellefon is served in the most famous "cabarets" in the world

(like crazy horse and the moulin rouge)



air france chooses besserat de bellefon for all "concorde" flights



besserat de bellefon is served in "le palais de l'elysée"



paris celebrates the 50th birthday of the liberation of paris with Besserat de Bellefon



the "maison" besserat de bellefon makes its lifestyle revolution and reveals its next champagne line



besserat de bellefon becomes the official supplier
of «les voiles de saint-tropez»